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Soft and Light Pop Music or the Boisterous Rock Music

Pop Music is a genre of music that is soft, light and relatively short music. It is more popular among the younger generation who are more inclined towards peppy numbers but with a difference. Pop music songs are quite short and are recorded with an aim to go commercial. However, pop music sometimes also cuts across the barriers of age and moves to the older generation as their choice of music. It so happens as these songs are quite meaningful and tends to convey a clear and crisp message in the musical way. Many relationships issues, ups and downs of one’s life are quite conveniently put across by words and soft music. Pop music is also popular as it is defined for the general audience and people of any state, origin and age. The elements of pop music have remained quite constant from the beginning and thus have stayed to be quite popular among people. Pop music can be taken through by a single individual or a group and has more to do with singing than playing any instruments. The beats are quite simple, slow, idealistic, and danceable and with a vocal expression added to make the music sound soothing. Pop singing music performance hong kong is termed to be quite soft and mostly romantic numbers than when compared to rock music that has peppy numbers. There are many individuals who prefer pop music over the rock music due to its subtle nature of soothing music to the ears. However, many have a different ideology altogether as they feel pop music to be quite slow, monotonous and boring at times.

Rock music is a big hit among individuals of the younger generation and people who are more inclined towards guitars. The definition of rock music is quite different from that of others as it has many sub genres. Rock music is mostly identified in a particular group of people and this has more to do with the western culture, country music, rock n roll and mainstream rock genres. The base line of rock music is nothing but an amalgamated rhythm formed by three chords of bass guitars, the strong, and the insistent back beat and the catchy melody. This kind of music is played by a group or band of people who are adroit in at least one instrument like the bass guitar, electric guitar, a drummer and also a lead singer. This makes the rock music louder and quite noisy than the pop music and hence is not mostly liked by all ages. It is very popular among the crowd who have more liking towards loud music and a cacophony. One advantage of rock music is that one can express a multitude of emotions via instruments and thus, this music has a number of sub genres. Rock Music is mostly categorised into classic rock, hard metal, alternative rock, indie rock and soft rock music. Due to its nature of being blatant music, the Rock Music is more popular among the younger generation of crowd than compared to the Pop music that is enjoyed by everyone and at all ages.