Nowadays, culture is one of the most solid and profitable areas of investment. The creative economy is one of the fastest growing areas, creates jobs and added value to productions and investors. Companies working with income tax payable and are opting for taxable income may be intended for the production of Brazilian cultural works, using part of their taxes due. In addition to tax benefits, incentive company that supports the Brazilian cinema, helps develop culture and art in the country, promoting its brand and strengthen your bond with the public.

The Moro Movies in recent years established strong international partnerships, thus enabling its films to reach to very important world markets, adding value to products it offers.

Below are some ways your company could benefit by encouraging our audiovisual products.

INCENTIVE LAWS (Tax deductions)

Does your company has a base in Brazil?
If that is the case you might me able to apply  to invest in one of our projects using Investment laws.
Did you know that companies taxed based on taxable income and individuals who make full declaration may invest a percentage of income tax due in cultural projects ?
That’s right, the Brazilian Government has developed a strategy of tax breaks to encourage culture, sports and social projects . In other words , the Government provides a percentage of taxes (that are received from individuals or firms) to allocate to projects. Thus , through tax deductions , individuals and companies have the option of setting aside a portion of income tax (IR) due (which would have to pay to the Government ) for cultural, arts, social and sports to choose projects, approved by a Technical Committee .

Culture incentive laws in Brazil allow companies to apply part of their taxes due in the production of Brazilian works. In addition to tax benefits, incentive company that supports Brazilian cinema promotes art in the country, which has a positive effect on your image. All companies that have income tax payable and are opting for taxable income can encourage in Brazilian culture.
This are the laws we have projects approved:

Lei do Audiovisual
Leis estaduais de Incentivo à Cultura

If you what to know if your company is applicable or  have any questions regards this subject please let us know and we will be happy to help you.


Direct sponsorship is a business relation between the company  and the audiovisual product.

Its main objective is to develop business and make beyond the brand, its products and services known to your target audience. For the company that invests in culture, the cultural project offers benefits to the investment return and give the result expected by the investor.


Branded Content – What is it?

Branded Content is based on transforming the communication of a brand attraction. It is a powerful advertising communication tool, which combines entertainment with a brand in a particular format, whether for film, TV, radio, print, internet, events or shows. The main objective is to give brands the opportunity to promote their identity, their products or their services, among its target audiences in a impactful way. Feature widely used in American films as strengthening of the brand.

Why use Branded Content?

Reach Target Audience;

Instant spontaneous media;

Strengthening the brand-consumer relationship, remaining at a high level of consideration and loyalty.

Participation on box office in cinemas **

** Please contact us for details.

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