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Based on Brazilian demand for audiovisual content and the need for themes and genres diversification, Moro Filmes increased its operation area devoting time and efforts on devel-opment of audiovisual content.

Strategically adding decentralized creative team developing its own content, and content with partners, establishing schedules of evolutionary monitoring projects for a better audience.

Among developing products include:
A Plot for Murder – click here to see details
Gooseberry Blood – click here to see details
Marlon Brando …click here to see details

If you are a creative talent and has a work to develop contact us.


Moro Films is specialized in Executive Production of Feature Films, TV and various platforms materials (TV series, TV movies and inter programs), Moro Films works on its own productions and/or co-productions.
Within the philosophy of always innovate the audiovisual market, Moro Films is open for partnership proposals, co-productions and Brazilian and International production service.

In this three lines of business we can highlight the participation on:
Shoah Survivors – from Steven Spielberg – local producer
Nervo Craniano Zero (NC0) – from Paulo Biscaia Filho – Executive Production and Distribution
UFPR TV – Professional Staff Management – Journalists and Costal Technicians of Brazil  – technical films  and vocational training (USA)

Get to know Moro Filmes’ innovative actions on market and audience building through its own events. Click here.


Always connected with market trends, Moro Filmes implemented its range and developed suppliers, partners and customers in order to be able to serve the market field in time and in various viewing platforms.

Also with its market expertise, it differentiated itself from the competition in this area, by ensuring the display of Brazilian products throughout Latin America on Cable TV and worldwide via iTunes and Google Play.

The Feature Films, TV movies and TV Series distributed by Moro Films, are on display at Space channel (Turner Broadcast System) and Nickelodeon (Viacom) in 25 countries.

Documentaries and short movies are in national display by CineBrasilTV and Fish TV.

Click here to see the marketing and distribution portfolio.

Recent Projects

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Vinil Filmes Moro Filmes (Co-production)
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Gooseberry Blood
Fábulas Negras
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The Black Fables
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Ivan – Back to Ukraine